Outlook Express:
1. Open up Outlook Express
2. Go to Tools - Accounts
3. Click on 'Add', then 'Mail'
4. Enter A 'Display name', then click 'Next' - The display name is the name that will appear in the from field of your emails.
5.Enter your email adress, then click 'Next'
6. Enter in the pop3 and smtp server address', then click on next. For wizbiz.net.nz Pop3 use '4x4.wizbiz.net.nz' and Smtp use '4x4.wizbiz.net.nz'. Here are some examples of other email account settings: For wizbiz.co.nz POP3 use 'mail.wizbiz.co.nz' and Smtp use '4x4.wizbiz.net.nz', for xtra pop3 use 'pop3.xtra.co.nz' and Smtp '4x4.wizbiz.net.nz' and for Orcon pop3 use 'mail.orcon.net.nz' and Smtp '4x4.wizbiz.net.nz'.
7. Enter in your 'Account name' and 'Password', then click on next. - The Account name is the logon for your emails. In most cases (such as wizbiz.net accounts) the Account name is the first part of the email address (before the @ sign).
8. Finally, press 'Finish'.


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