1. Open up Thunderbird
2. Go to 'File', then 'New' and then 'Account'.
3. Select 'Email account'.
4. Click 'Next'.
5. Enter the name you want to have in the 'From' field of your emails.
6. Also, enter in your email address.
7. Click 'Next'.
8. Select the type of incoming server. For Wizbiz (both .co and .net) use POP. For Xtra and for Orcon use POP.
9. Enter the incoming server. For wizbiz.net.nz enter 4x4.wizbiz.net.nz. For wizbiz.co.nz (mail.wizbiz.co.nz), for xtra (pop3.xtra.co.nz) and for Orcon (mail.orcon.net.nz).
10. Click 'Next'.
11. Enter in the Incoming username. - This is the username you use to logon to get your emails. In most cases (such as wizbiz.net accounts) the user name is the first part of the email address (before the @ sign).
12. Click 'Next'.
13. Enter in your name for your account. This is the name that will identify your account within thunderbird. Noone else sees this.
14. Click 'Next'.
15. Click 'Finish'


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